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2019 National High School Scholarship Deadlines

To apply for the ROTC Scholarship, an application must be started by 04 February 2019 @ 1159pm EST. 

START HERE to create or log-in to your scholarship application.

If you have started an application by 04 February 2019, you have until 04 March 2019 @ 1159pm EST to complete your application. 

To appear before a Selection Board to be considered for a scholarship, applicants must submit a completed application, including the PMS interview, by 1159pm EST on one of the below “Document Submission Deadlines.” 

Document Submission Deadlines 

1st High School Board: 
29 September 2018 

2nd High School Board: 
28 December 2018 

3rd High School Board: 
04 March 2019 

Selection Board Convene Dates 

1st High School Board: 
15-19 October 2018 

2nd High School Board: 
7-11 January 2019 

3rd High School Board: 
18-22 March 2019 

NOTE: Applicants who were previously boarded but not selected to receive a scholarship, can continue to submit documents to increase their chance for selection. 
However, all application updates must be SUBMITTED no later than 04 March 2019 @ 1159pm EST to be considered for a scholarship during the final board that convenes on 18-22 March 2019. 

Watch the Official ROTC YouTube video on how to fill out the 4 Year High School Scholarship Application:

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